Etsy Shop

We have recently opened an Etsy shop for the arts & crafts we’ll make over time. It’s very new, and we’re still making things for it. It will be another month or so before there are a significant amount of items on it.

We are hopeful that our items will sell at craft stalls as well as online. We already have arrangements to provide some felted figures for a Glamping holiday site in the Scottish Highlands, & hopefully this is sign of good things to come!

Click here to head over to the store. Below are image of some of our creations.


Felted Figure works in the pipeline:

  • Sealife
  • Birdlife
  • Otters
  • Dogs
  • Ponies
  • Christmas baubles
  • Easter bunnies & eggs
  • Bigger, long-term project [TBC]