My best friend came to visit!

Alice is my best friend. We can go months, even a year or more without seeing each other and it doesn't make any difference to our friendship. Being the awesome friend she is, she came all the way to Shetland to spend about 4 days with me. Photos here are a mix of mine and … Continue reading My best friend came to visit!


My Sister

My sister is back. She works in the UAE normally but, this summer, she is back with us. My sister. She is an amazing person. She supports her family without question, and strives for us not to feel bad for needing that support right now. She is academically very capable, successful, and a good teacher. … Continue reading My Sister


An old English teacher I had during secondary school passed away the other day. He was the best teacher I ever had. I mourned after hearing the news. A brain tumour robbed him of his health. Someone I know just proposed to his long-term girlfriend and she accepted. My old friend is someone I used … Continue reading Love